BottomLine Resource Technologies

BottomLine Resource Technologies LLC, an affiliate of Juice Technologies, provides board and executive level consulting, research and advisory services on matters addressing the electric energy industry. BottomLine's services assist clients in business planning by answering questions about evolving energy technologies and changing regulations.

In addition to research, the company offers program management services for utilities that are rolling out or testing new products and services, including new operational initiatives, or are engaged in meeting regulatory mandates.

The company and its principals and management have designed, built, owned and operated energy facilities, and have carried out the management of complex energy reduction and energy management operations, throughout the United States.

With respect to consulting and advisory services, BottomLine's research teams typically consist of PhD candidates that are researching in areas related to the issues being addressed, as well as experienced electric utility industry executives and energy service practitioners.

For services or general inquiries, please contact:

Thomas A. Hurkmans, President, at or 412-227-2969.

If you are a researcher, please contact:

Bradley W. Reynolds, Research Coordinator, at or 208-869-4375.

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